Remedial Christianity



Welcome!  My name is Jon Shah and  I am privileged to be the husband of Heather and father of these four amazing kids: Sammy, Isaac, Savita & Meghan.   I am also one of the pastors here at h2o church in Columbus OH.  In 2008, after years of ministering & serving as a pastor at New Life Church in Ann Arbor MI,  God led a small team of us down to Columbus to engage this generation with the Gospel,  and see what type of community God might raise up among the Buckeyes.   It has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.

I will spare you a further recounting of my accolades or achievements.  Primarily because there are so few.  Just be assured that when it comes to the topic of sports or using my children as sermon illustrations I am considered by many to be an expert.

Want the longer version of my story?

So what’s with “Remedial Christianity”?   

Just my random thoughts regarding life, scripture, ministry, & family,  all oriented around my continuing journey of truly grasping and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It has been 23 years of following Jesus and I still feel like a novice.   I looked up remedial in the dictionary and it said, “provided or intended for students who are experiencing learning difficulties.”  That sounds about right.   I may be slow,  but I am grateful for God’s patience.

enjoying the journey,


PS  The real reason for ‘remedial christianity’ is that I couldn’t think of a cool Greek or Hebrew word to use, and it seemed a little narcissistic to just have it be called ‘Jon Shah’.

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