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Let me say, that you may have noticed by now that all my kids bring me a lot of joy.  To most people they seem like regular (or slightly odd) children, but I find myself constantly fascinated by the unique ways they think, behave and interact with the world.   They also have taught me a great deal about what it means to be a Father….and given me insight into the love our heavenly Father has for us.

Now a lot of times they act like idiots.   Last Sunday after the h2o worship service, 3 of them got on the 3rd floor of the Union and started yelling down at people passing by….”Do you have a parachute we could borrow?”   They were hoping to experiment with some new version of cliff-diving.  Those moments we just shake our heads and hope nobody remembers….

But other times, I will watch the kids and get a glimpse of the unique ways that God has made them.  These are interactions that capture their personalities and heart & as they get older I am trying to SAVOR THESE MOMENTS.

The other day the kids and I were over at Fred Beekman park hanging out with some h2o folks, playing volleyball & enjoying the sun. We were having a great time, but now the games were winding down.  Savita and a friend were practicing on one court, meghan was burying herself in the sand on another, and Sammy was patiently waiting for me to finish yapping with folks.  (poor kid has to do that a lot)

Isaac happened to see two college aged guys throwing a football and was watching them.  After about half a minute he went right up to one of them and asked if he could play too.  Next thing you know he is shaking their hands and introducing himself.  “Hi, my name is Isaac.  Nice to meet you.”

He begins throwing the ball around. Diving in the sand, laughing and horsing around.

A couple minutes later I hear him yell, “come on Johnny, we need some better throws here”  All three of them laugh.

I looked over at the friends I was with and asked, “do you know those guys?”.  “Nope.  They’re strangers.”

I just laughed.  Who does that?  

this kid is BOLD

{When I was 10 I was terrified to talk to any adults that weren’t in my family, of course, my son might be a tad less socially awkward  than I was…}


childhood jon  IMG_3022


Well, the next time I look over a volleyball game has started.  5 on 5, with Isaac right in the middle.  Keep in mind he is not a quality volleyball player.  He is a decent athlete for a 10-yr old, but volleyball is not a game we play much. He prefers games that involve him hitting other people.

But he (and his team) are having a blast.  He is just throwing his body around…cracking jokes and giving high fives to everyone. At one point he makes a mistake and exclaims, “keep your expectations low people…I’m only 10!”  

I just watched him for a little bit.  Who is this kid?

this kid is ENTHUSIASTIC

A few minutes later it was time to go.  I called out to Isaac, and he asked if he could have one more serve.  He served it and they won the point.  Now the whole team asked…”can he go one more time?  Isaac is our ACE server!”

As he served the next one, Isaac explained, “No no no…I’m just an AMATEUR server….like all of you”

So funny.

They won the next 4 points and when they finally lost he high-fived all 9 of the students out there….”Thanks for letting me play!”

“You’re the man Isaac!”

He came over and put on his shoes.  I asked him, “How did you meet those folks?”

“I just introduced myself”

“Weren’t you nervous playing with people you didn’t know?”

“Well kinda, but they were really nice.  College students are the best!

Bold.  Enthusiastic. Loves college students.

I have the perfect job for him.




  1. Shah, I love this! I was so impressed reading this and getting excited for what God has in store for him!!
    As an aside, you’re a great writer and I always love reading your posts.. usually equal parts entertaining, encouraging and convicting! Thanks for continuing to encourage from afar! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  2. Isaac’s a fantastic kid! He played on my team a few Sundays ago and that kid is such a joy. On a day that I needed to be reminded not to take myself so seriously, he really brought me back to earth and demonstrated what it means to live a little. What a blessing!

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